Girls Deserve More

29 04 2013


Maeva Renaud

Title: Girls Deserve More  (Link to more photos)

Medium: Mixed Media, Acrylic, Recycled Material, Poetry

Topic Abstract:

Girls Deserve More is a mixed media pop-up art bags project that focuses on addressing the affects of climate change on young girls living in poverty stricken communities. The bags are tools to be incorporated in a fundraising campaign to eradicate poverty and create awareness on sustainable social change. Each bag also represents a sense of hope for young girls as the bags can either be purchased by donors or filled by donors to support the partnering agency. Read the rest of this entry »

The Art Bike

5 03 2013

Hannah Poon is creating a project that incorporates art as a tool for community development and community bridging. The Art Bike project will be a mobile mini art studio that will bring art supplies and programming into diverse communities around Calgary. Read the rest of this entry »

Anti-test Protest–Kelly Finlaw

29 03 2012

(Created in partial completion of ART 575: Arts in Communication and Social Commentary)

Medium: Digital Photography

This artwork is a response to the use of testing as a sole means of assessment in public schools, specifically in New York City.  This artwork falls into the category of “Social Commentary” in that Art as Social Commentary is art that both reflects and creates awareness of political, environmental, religious, and social issues. “ (Corbitt, 2012).  Because this artwork seeks to raise a critical awareness of the need to change, I would see myself as an “Urban Prophet” (Corbitt, 2003).   Specifcally, this falls under the category of “critical movement ideology” because it challenges the “dominant ideas, values, and tactics” of the given institution (Reed, 2005).

The students in the artwork are all eighth-grade students in a public middle school in New York City.  The numbers that they are holding represent the scores that students in the state receive each year, beginning in the third grade, on their state tests. New York State uses a four point grading system to assess the level of each student, with four being the highest level attainable.  Receiving a “two” or higher is passing.  Receiving a “one” is failing and results in summer school. Read the rest of this entry »

Arts for Protest in Egypt

7 03 2012

Arts for Protest

The Community Mosaic Model

22 12 2011

Amy Tuttle (Arts in Transformation concentration, M.A. Urban Studies, Eastern Univeristy-2011)

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15 Times a Night

4 05 2011

Jamaine Smith, Arts in Transformation Concentration, Eastern University M.A, in Urban Studies

15 Times A Nght by Jamaine Smith

Pencil, Prismacolor Pencil, Marker, and Charcoal

Topic Abstract
15 Minutes A Night is a social commentary piece created to bring awareness to sexual abuse experienced by adolescent girls forced into prostitution and sex trafficking in urban communities, particularly those in Brooklyn, NY. These girls can be forced to engage in sexual intercourse with anywhere from five, fifteen, or more johns a night in order to meet quotas of $500 or more (Zraick, 2010). The piece was created to show the sheer horror, pain, and displeasure experienced by these girls on a daily basis. It is created to spark questions and dialogue: “What is ’15 Minutes a Night’? “Is he raping her!?” The goal of the piece is to bring awareness to the fact that such acts are occurring right within urban communities and is not just a “other” problem (other countries, other states, other communities). The piece can be accompanied by an informative sheet explaining its intention. Read the rest of this entry »

Art can change the world

11 03 2011


Art can change the world