Educating for Human Trafficking

26 01 2013
Bethany Reiff in Bangkok

Bethany Reiff in Bangkok

The purpose of this project by Bethany Reiff was to write an illustrated children’s book about modern day slavery. With upper estimates of 27 million people trapped in human trafficking today there is no denying that modern day slavery is a critical problem. Storytelling is a powerful tool used to educate children. While there has been much attention to the topic of human trafficking in the last 12 years, most of the information has been geared toward an adult audience. (See Video Below)   Read the rest of this entry »


Objecrated by Hannah Poon

26 03 2012


“Objecrated”, a visual art piece from the Dikaios production (Created in partial completion of ART 575: Arts in Communication and Social Commentary)



Mixed Media Sculpture: Maple wood, Plywood, Plaster bandages, hemp string and cotton/polyester fabric

Topic Abstract

“Objecrated” is a sculptural piece that explores the objectification of women and the relation that it has to sex exploitation and sex trafficking.  The piece features a crate that is missing two sides to reveal plaster casted body parts of a dismembered woman.  The feet of the woman are bound together by hemp string and tied to the top of the crate.  The feet dangle down above the torso and the hands.  The top half of the torso, the shoulder and breasts are placed lying chest up and falling out of the crate.  The hips and butt of the torso rests on the three colored fabrics on the bottom of the crate.  The three colors of fabric are black, red and white.  The hands are casted in semi-closed fists.  They are bound together by the hemp string and rest on the bottom of the crate next to the lower part of the torso.  The hands rest on the black fabric.  Read the rest of this entry »

Charging the Future

4 05 2011

Bethany Reith, Arts in Transformation Concentration, Eastern University M.A, in Urban Studies

Changing the Future

Medium:  Linoleum Block Print

Charging the Future is a social commentary on the cuts that Governor Corbett has proposed for this year’s Pennsylvania budget.  Read the rest of this entry »

Intimate Stranger: Restorative Social Commentary Video

4 05 2011

Julia A. Crawford, Arts in Transformation Concentration, Eastern University M.A, in Urban Studies 3/26/2011


Intimate Stranger is a restorative social commentary video dance created with the intention of bringing critical awareness to young women about the way they respond to objectification. The piece unfolds through three sections, the first of which represent a young woman passively accepting objectification. It represents young women that believe they do not have the capacity to change what is taking place and also young women that choose to remain passive because it seems easier than speaking. As the video camera objectifies the dancer’s body, confusion, abdication of voice, and feeling powerless is symbolized in the movement. The dancer studies her reflection in the mirror seeing only what her objectifier sees.

The second section represents young women that choose to objectify themselves before someone else does, which also leads to them objectifying others. This is symbolized through the dancer taking control of the camera and moving in hardened and self-inspecting ways. The spoken word describes “man-talking” about other women, which is a perceived way to join those that objectify and be on the “powerful” side of the situation. The dancer’s movement represents compartmentalizing parts of self and striving to remain in control.

A transformation process begins to occur in the third section, which represents young women beginning to acknowledge their true image as a reflection of the Creator. Critical awareness occurs in the dancer, revealing that she does not need to passively accept objectification or participate in doing it. She becomes empowered in the knowledge that her voice matters regardless of the objectification that might still occur; she does have the capacity to influence her own life and the life of others by acknowledging who she has been created to be. Read the rest of this entry »

Without Words

11 03 2011

Without Words…moving against the sex trade by Mikaela Clark

An evoking multimedia dance performance created to inspire audiences to take action on behalf of those enslaved by the global sex trade.

Without Withouts: Click to View

Arts and Social Commentary: Amy Tuttle

31 03 2010

Amy's Project

My body is not the pieces and parts of woman-flesh

idolized, consumed, or denigrated by some in some cultures,

but rather an entire woman’s body, one that can feed babies, make love,

dance and sing, give birth, and bleed without dying.

This piece was created in Kensington, Philadelphia in the wake of several acts of violence including a series of rapes involving women in the artists neighborhood.  It is reflective of these specific violences but also reflective of violence against women in multiple cultures.  The images of  woman collaged into the background of the piece depict suffering experienced by woman of African descent, Indian women, women of the Middle East, the UK, as well as women in America. Read the rest of this entry »