Educating for Human Trafficking

26 01 2013
Bethany Reiff in Bangkok

Bethany Reiff in Bangkok

The purpose of this project by Bethany Reiff was to write an illustrated children’s book about modern day slavery. With upper estimates of 27 million people trapped in human trafficking today there is no denying that modern day slavery is a critical problem. Storytelling is a powerful tool used to educate children. While there has been much attention to the topic of human trafficking in the last 12 years, most of the information has been geared toward an adult audience. (See Video Below)   Read the rest of this entry »


Objecrated by Hannah Poon

26 03 2012


“Objecrated”, a visual art piece from the Dikaios production (Created in partial completion of ART 575: Arts in Communication and Social Commentary)



Mixed Media Sculpture: Maple wood, Plywood, Plaster bandages, hemp string and cotton/polyester fabric

Topic Abstract

“Objecrated” is a sculptural piece that explores the objectification of women and the relation that it has to sex exploitation and sex trafficking.  The piece features a crate that is missing two sides to reveal plaster casted body parts of a dismembered woman.  The feet of the woman are bound together by hemp string and tied to the top of the crate.  The feet dangle down above the torso and the hands.  The top half of the torso, the shoulder and breasts are placed lying chest up and falling out of the crate.  The hips and butt of the torso rests on the three colored fabrics on the bottom of the crate.  The three colors of fabric are black, red and white.  The hands are casted in semi-closed fists.  They are bound together by the hemp string and rest on the bottom of the crate next to the lower part of the torso.  The hands rest on the black fabric.  Read the rest of this entry »

Without Words

11 03 2011

Without Words…moving against the sex trade by Mikaela Clark

An evoking multimedia dance performance created to inspire audiences to take action on behalf of those enslaved by the global sex trade.

Without Withouts: Click to View