Nepali Girls Fight Indentured Servitude with Street Theater

17 01 2011

Street Theater for Indentured Children

In Nepal, a movement to end the centuries-long practice of kamlari, indentured servitude for girls from poor families, is underway. And kamlari survivors and advocates are leading the way, by taking to the streets with show-stopping demonstrations in the form of musical street theater. Can street theater end a form of slavery that’s been entrenched in Nepali society for centuries?  READ FULL ARTICLE from


Livin’ La Vida Loca: A Dominican Republic Internship

28 01 2010

This fall, Arts in Transformation students Jill Osileski and Kari Reed needed to complete the required internship for the Arts in Transformation program. Unlike many student interns, they didn’t end up earning their credits in an office building making coffee.  They didn’t even end up earning their credits staying in the United States – they found themselves traveling to the Dominican Republic for a three-month-long internship experience with Eastern University partner BuildaBridge International to work with local sex-workers making jewelry, building relationships, and learning through real, hands-on experience.

Click on the image below to check out a video documenting their experiences!

Dominican Republic Internship Video

Bekah’s Journey: Nairobi

28 01 2010

Arts in NairobiRebekah Wilcox hasn’t spent her first year in the Arts in Transformation Program just sitting around… While others stuffed their faces on Thanksgiving, she was trekking the slums of Nairobi, living out the hope-building power of the arts. Here is her account of the journey, before, during, and after her travel. Won’t you come along for the experience?
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Arts for Peace: Guatemala

28 01 2010

Imagine teaching peace in a place where violence is always the answer…

This past July, a group of Arts in Transformation students traveled to Guatemala in hopes of teaching peacemaking skills to children in Guatemala’s toughest neighborhoods. Armed with a peace curriculum and an arts typology of their choice, they headed into the gang-controlled slums in hopes of achieving the impossible.
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