The Art Bike

5 03 2013

Hannah Poon is creating a project that incorporates art as a tool for community development and community bridging. The Art Bike project will be a mobile mini art studio that will bring art supplies and programming into diverse communities around Calgary.

Following the theme of “The environment and how it affects social relationships and involvement”, The Art Bike will offer weekly art projects related to that theme for community members of all ages to participate in. Once a presence has been established in each of the communities she will invite participants to meet her in one of the other communities to participate in Art Bike programming there.

An indicator for her presence in each community is if/when she has regular participants as measured by the number of returning participants, twitter followers, and facebook members. Participants will be encouraged to bike or take transit to the other communities to meet up with the Art Bike. Art Bike programming and events will be shared via twitter, facebook, ffwd and community partnerships with local community centers and agencies. The aim of the Art Bike project is to develop a sense of community that will encourage participants to return to Art Bike programming, even to the point of attending programming in other areas of the city. This project is inclusive to all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. It is also a project that will bring together various groups of Calgarians for a celebration of our diverse, contemporary, and creative identity.




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