Educating for Human Trafficking

26 01 2013
Bethany Reiff in Bangkok

Bethany Reiff in Bangkok

The purpose of this project by Bethany Reiff was to write an illustrated children’s book about modern day slavery. With upper estimates of 27 million people trapped in human trafficking today there is no denying that modern day slavery is a critical problem. Storytelling is a powerful tool used to educate children. While there has been much attention to the topic of human trafficking in the last 12 years, most of the information has been geared toward an adult audience. (See Video Below)  Children need more purpose than being a consumer and have a great capacity to care about the plight of others. A qualitative approach using a phenomenological research design is used in the study on children’s perception and understanding of modern slavery. Three focus groups of children from grades three, four, and five, respectively, are chosen with six to ten children in each group. The focus groups confirm that children’s knowledge of modern slavery is lacking, and that their sympathetic imagination is ignited through story telling, resulting in a greater desire to do something about modern slavery. The research was used as an aid in the development of an illustrated story to raise awareness about the issue.

Read the full thesis here.




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