Continuous Flow

15 08 2012

by Idalia Adan


Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water to clear?– Lao Tzu

Medium used: Recycled wine bottles, paint, and copper wire

Art Abstract

Dr. Corbitt and Dr. Vivian Nix-Early, in Taking it to the Streets, say “people are to be agents of transformation…to change the world in what it ought to be.”In what I have created, and through the process of creating, I had that in my mind. My intention and hope is that a viewer may be able to relate to or think of their place in the world and possibly find some inspiration.

The main concept in this piece is water. It is a free flowing form and ever going. Life is like that; A continuous flow with many paths and journeys. However, like life, it can be inhibited from it’s beautiful flow due to obstacles. An individual or community might be at a point in their lives where they wish to break free from any constraints of negative factors hindering their flow. It could be from obtaining a specific goal or from reaching a peak of enlightenment. Whichever the case, This piece was designed to give hope to the viewer in what ever stage they may be, for no matter what, given perseverance and patience, one can get through and continue to flow freely as they should.


Each bottle represents the different stages in the Art in Redemptive Transformation model: Critical awareness, working out, and Celebration. The circular form shaped by the copper wire represents the continuous flow of life and how these stages continually occur in ones life through various situations.

Bottle one-Critical Awareness

This bottle was designed to show that you see very little water at the bottom of the bottle. little water and very little flow. The dark blues and red represent any hindrances. As you can tell the entire bottle is painted to show there is no clarity at this stage and one must come to an awareness as to what may be causing that to continue onward to the working out stage.

Bottle two- Working Out

This bottle was designed with a tight spiral of dark blues with a background of red. The tight spiral eventually loosens and at the bottom the water is finally released freely and no longer contained. This bottle isn’t as dark as the first one showing progress in clarity. The dark spiral represents the winding, sometimes difficult, path one has to go through to reach their goal. The free water represents the goal being reached.


Bottle three- Celebration!

This bottle is designed to celebrate renewal, new life.The bottle is clear representing ones view of their place in their world is clear. No more distortions. Free flowing water in a burst to show the happiness that comes with success. The transformation of a butterfly to represent renewal with still waters below it represent a time of peace. This bottle represents a glorious moment of happiness.


I faced some challenges through some parts of the development of this project. But it just made me understand how one can come to terms/be aware with what is making it difficult and working through it to finally come to something enjoyable when it all comes together.




Corbitt, J. N., & Nix-Early, V. (2003). Taking it to the streets: Using the arts to transform your community. Grand Rapids, MI: BakerBooks.




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