Immigration: Arts, Culture and Media 2010

30 09 2010

In fall 2009 The Opportunity Agenda launched a portfolio of Immigration Arts and Culture activities with the goal of fostering arts, culture, and media activities that promote the inclusion, integration, and human rights of immigrants in the United States.

One element of this work is a research study to identify examples of arts, culture, and media projects that effectively move hearts and minds; break down prejudice; inspire community engagement; and, in the long term, encourage public support for the fair treatment and inclusion of immigrants in American society.

A key outcome of the study is the identification of a pipeline of projects that could be brought to scale and/or considered for possible collaboration and support. This study, which was designed around a series of interviews and a survey to elevate best practices and compelling ideas, also includes a series of recommendations.

Welcome to Shelbyville

Set against the backdrop of a shaky economy, Welcome to Shelbyville takes an intimate look at a southern town as its residents–whites and African Americans, Latinos and Somalis–grapple with their beliefs, their histories, and their evolving ways of life.

The documentary features the efforts of Welcoming Tennessee, the model for all subsequent Welcoming campaigns, as its local leaders in Shelbyville, TN try to promote dialog and understanding over hate and division amidst rapid immigrant growth. This documentary will air in markets across the country via PBS in Spring 2011.

Immigrant Artist Project

The New York Foundation for the Arts presents “Art, Social Change & Engaging Immigrant Communities.”

Thursday, October 14, 2010
6 – 8 PM

This panel seeks common ground among voices that weave together art and social change strategies in their engagement with immigrant communities. At this intersection, we bring together dynamic figures from the fields of art and culture, social justice, human rights, and grantmaking to discuss how they connect, support, and collaborate. By encouraging each panelist to share challenges, lessons learned and best practices, we hope to build on diverse strengths for collaboration in the future. The panel will be followed by a lively reception.

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