Arts and Social Commentary: Rebekah Leeper

31 03 2010

Stealing the Happiness

This piece is a collage of digital images expressing the injustice of companies using the poor people of the world in order to develop their product. In my research, I discovered the Coca-Cola has been accused of bottling water in international communities where there is already a shortage of drinkable water.

The goal for this piece is to challenge the average consumer to examine where their products may be coming from and to act on it accordingly. Some American and International companies take advantage of the resources of other countries, including child labor, inhumane labor, stripping the natural resources from an area, poor compensation for resources, and many other ways of injustice. Ideally, we would all be responsible enough to research where our products come from and refuse to buy those things that do not meet a fair trade standard.

An excellent resource for obtaining information on some companies is a website maintained by Green America,




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