Where are They Now? AIT Graduate Leah Samuelson

1 03 2010

Leah Samuelson Arts in Transformation GraduateArts in Transformation 2009 graduate Leah Samuelson has been busy since leaving the Urban Studies program at Eastern University (and winning an award for her thesis!). Having spent time working internationally and developing her model for using mural painting in community development, she was recently appointed the Visiting Professor of Art at Wheaton College. Read her spotlight bio from Wheaton College’s Art Department below!

Visiting Professor of Art, Leah Samuelson joined the Wheaton College Art Faculty in 2009. Leah teaches Community Art, Art Survey, and Drawing I. She is an undergraduate alum of the Wheaton College Art program. Leah recently received her MA in Urban Studies: Arts in Transformation from Eastern University and the Tony Campolo School for Social Change. Academic inquiries after culture, art, and social change sent her traveling around the world for fellowship among visionaries,  personnel of biblical training institutions, schools, correctional facilities, slums, and palaces. Her international work with the Philadelphia-based BuildaBridge is community murals and mural training for building hope and community cooperation, especially among the world’s most vulnerable children.

Check out the rest of their site here.




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