The Lighted Way: A Student Video Project

9 02 2010

One of the major projects in the Urban Studies major is the Theology of the City project with Dr. Drick Boyd. In this project, students are asked to write a paper, or, in the case of the Arts in Transformation concentration, complete a creative project that communicates a message to a city or group of people.

Arts in Transformation student, Kari Reed, chose to do this through a mixed-media fine arts and video project.  Titled “The Lighted Way”, it speaks to a city populated by thousands of churches who all have the “right” answer, the “right” God, and the “right” way of worshiping Him. Yet, the trouble with defining God is that by definition He is so far outside of what humans can understand, and, more importantly, He is so often found in places we least expect it.

“This project was complicated in many ways. It illustrates the Sunday story of several very different groups of people, and how surprising life can be. No one is meant to be condemned in this story, but it is meant as a challenge to those of us who may think we have it all figured out. The illustrations are drawn on pages of John Milton’s Paradise Lost (his epic tale chronicling the fall of man) – it’s perfectly symbolic of our mutual fallen state, regardless of whatever life circumstances we may find ourselves in.”

Click on the image below to watch “The Lighted Way.”

Arts in Tranformation Video




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