Spotlight on a First-Year Student: Talib

3 02 2010

Arts in Transformation StudentTalib André is a Philadelphia native. He holds an A.A. in Communications/Theatre Options from Community College of Philadelphia and a B.A. in Theatre Arts/English Concentration from Cheyney University. He is currently pursuing his graduate degree in Urban Studies as a member ofEastern University’s Arts in Transformation program. Talib is an accomplished arts program coordinator and educator who has directed and taught on the middle school and high school levels. Directing credits include: “A Journey Through African Folklore,” and A Dance Tribute to Michael & Janet Jackson. Acting credits include: “An Evening with Neil Simon,” Tony Kushner’s “The Laramie Project,“Broadway Out Way”and “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Turn Me Around.”

While managing the rigorous workload of graduate studies at the School for Social Change, Talib is also the Executive Director of Kaleidoscope Community Arts Collective, a new independent non-profit arts initiative. Talib and his team have been praised for their valiant attempts at introducing a different type of theater… one that evokes self reflection, promotes transformation, and alters perceptions.

On his first year as a student, Talib says: “My first year as an Urban Studies: Arts in Transformation student has been awesome. The education I have received thus far, the people I have come in contact with, both in and outside of the classroom, and the countless networking opportunities have proven themselves to be invaluable. One class that I thoroughly enjoyed was“Christ in the City” . Before taking this course, I had never been asked to exegete scripture. To be challenged in that respect was worth it.”

Talib is most excited about his role in the upcoming movie, “Law Abiding Citizen,” starring Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx, Academy Award Nominee Viola Davis, and Gerard Butler. He says “I am deeply grateful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and humbled by the same to have been a part of this project. Shout out to Diane Heery and the staff at Heery Casting, LLC for casting me in my 1st major film. I play a Philadelphia Police Officer, and although this is not a speaking role, it was very physical and did require to put my training as an actor in practice. I did however, get the opportunity to interact with a few of the principal actors. The film is slated for a first quarter release in 2010. I pray that it does well at the box office and that this will be the beginning of a long – storied career.”




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