Reflections from a First-Year Student

28 01 2010

jill urban models

It has been my experience that the individuals facilitating this program are passionate about urban communities and are keenly aware of the pressing needs they face. I truly respect their innovation to formalize the technique of using the arts as a way to engage, inspire, and release the human spirit. It has been my experience that they are committed and passionate about developing and equipping dynamic and savvy individuals to lead within the urban context.

I am a person who is passionately committed to personal and professional development in the arts and to develop young minds and leaders within my surrounding community. It is my assessment that this program will prepare me with the comprehensive knowledge and skills to serve as an agent of social change in my community. I can also see that this program will provide invaluable mentoring as I move forward in my career and as I seek to be a catalyst for change in my community on behalf of arts education.

My favorite experience thus far in the program was participating in the breakout sessions at the Summer 2008 Residency. It was so thrilling to be exposed to a new art experience and to share that experience with others!

Jill Osielski
First-Year Arts in Transformation Student




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